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    Welcome to Young, Wild & Free! We are a no word count, jcink, present day entertainment site based in seoul, south korea. The top three entertainment companies are Lunar, Solar, and Cosmos. If you're an idol, you'll be under one of those companies, if not, no worries! You could be a regular ole citizen or even a foreigner!

    To register, please put Last Name, First Name, for Eastern charactesr, for Western, First Name, Last Name. Keep in mind this is normal punctuation, please do not register all lowercase or all uppercase.

    Thank you and have fun!

    09/22/17 Announcement #1 & BETA test opens!

    10/20/17 2017 Halloween skin revealed!

    11/07/17 2017 Announcement #2 Mod Auditions!

    11/16/17 2017 Holiday skin revealed!

    11/17/17 Young Wild & Free opens!

    12/02/17 Holiday Site Plot Begins!

    01/10/18 Activity Check #1

    01/14/18 2018 Valentine Skin revealed!

    01/14/18 2018 Announcement #3! Changes to review.

    01/20/18 Announcement #4!

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Unfortunately it is sad to say Young, Wild & Free has shut down. Please keep in touch! Some members are working on a new site, stick around to hear about it!
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